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Secondary professional development materials published for KS3

  • Published: 28/08/2019

We have now published our Secondary Mastery Professional Development materials for Key Stage 3. These materials provide teachers with a detailed description of the key themes and big ideas associated with teaching for mastery.

If you are currently finalising your curriculum for 2019/20, you can use the materials with your colleagues as part of your professional development and planning process. 

For an overview of the structure of the materials, you can download the complete breakdown of themes, core concepts, statements and key ideas. This is available as both a PDF and an editable spreadsheet. Both versions include a mapping to the national curriculum Key Stage 3 mathematics programme of study. You can also download an editable template to create your own guidance documents. A comprehensive introduction provides guidance on how to get the best out of the materials.

The dedicated Secondary Mastery Professional Development materials section on our website includes all the materials we have published. For more information about teaching for mastery, visit the rest of our mastery section.

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