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Secondary Round-up - March 2024

Our latest Secondary Round-up is now available

Secondary Round-up - March 2024
  • Published: 21/03/2024

In this month's Secondary Round-up:

  • Put the Ofsted subject report into practice: reasoning through talk - we explore what the 2023 Ofsted maths subject report advises on reasoning and how you can put it into practice
  • NCETM Director on university maths - in his latest blog post, Charlie Stripp looks at the benefits of university maths for students getting a B or C at A level
  • Listen now: Understanding Dyscalculia - in a new podcast episode, we discuss dyscalculia with Cat Eadle, co-founder of the Dyscalculia Network, and explore the benefits of taking a mastery approach
  • Checkpoints for Years 7 and 8 - assess what your KS3 classes know and understand with our popular Checkpoints resources
  • AMSP Core Maths Summer Festival - a free series of interactive online workshops for teachers of Core Maths this June. Register now.

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Previous editions are available on the News & Features page.

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