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Secondary Round-up - May 2021

Our latest Secondary Round-up is now available

Secondary Round-up - May 2021
  • Published: 27/05/2021

May's Secondary Round-up has a selection of things that might be useful for this term or when thinking ahead:

  • A new Maths Hubs CPD project for NQTs and RQTs in 2021/22 - an opportunity to collaboratively learn more about maths pedagogy and subject knowledge
  • New podcast episode - a conversation with two regular hosts from our Tuesday night Twitter CPD chats
  • Videos and guidance to support use of representations at KS3 - bar models, double number lines, algebra tiles, Cuisenaire® rods and more
  • Mastery: 'a unifying goal for everyone in maths teaching' - an article from two NCETM colleagues
  • Year 6/7 transition - MEI's topic-based webinars and the annual Calculator Crunch.

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Previous editions are available on the News & Features page.

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