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Secondary Round-up - November 2021

Our latest Secondary Round-up is now available

Secondary Round-up - November 2021
  • Published: 26/11/2021

We are greatly expanding the secondary resources available on our site at the moment, and November's Secondary Round-up reflects this:

  • Explainer video - watch our two-minute video tour of the DfE KS3 Guidance
  • Classroom slides for key ideas in our KS3 materials - downloadable PowerPoints now available
  • New Checkpoints - we explore Teaching perimeter and area in Year 7
  • Why join a Maths Hubs project this year? - we suggest eight good reasons and hear from those who have already got involved
  • MEI KS3 Geogebra resources - a new project providing great interactive resources with free online CPD.

The NCETM Secondary Round-up is emailed to subscribers: if you didn’t get yours, subscribe here, or contact us if you have any difficulties.

Previous editions are available on the News & Features page.

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