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The May issue of the NCETM Secondary Round-up is out!

Our latest Secondary Round-up is now available

The May issue of the NCETM Secondary Round-up is out!
  • Published: 24/05/2019
  • Congruent Triangles – a student’s insight reveals that two sides and an angle (SSA) can sometimes provide conditions for congruency
  • Calculator Crunch – a daily problem from 10 June with associated lesson plans for Year 6 (transition days) and
    Year 7
  • T levels – everything maths teachers need to know about the new post-16 qualification
  • Social media for CPD – could you find inspiration, support and challenge from your smartphone?
  • Core Maths conferences – find one near you!

All this is in the May issue of our Secondary Round-up, which comes to you on the fourth Friday of every month. Previous issues are all available in the newsletter archive.

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