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Twilight curriculum recovery sessions for secondary maths departments

Six pairs of live presentations for secondary teachers

Twilight curriculum recovery sessions for secondary maths departments
  • Published: 30/04/2021

The NCETM is running a series of six twilight online events in late May/early June 2021 to suggest ways for secondary maths departments to prioritise curriculum areas for Key Stage 3 in the next school year. The sessions will draw heavily on the NCETM’s Mastery Professional Development Materials and be led in part by school-based, Maths Hubs Mastery Specialists.

The six sessions will take place in the last fortnight of May and second week of June, each one split into two 45-minute sections: 3:45 to 4:30 pm and 4:45 to 5:30 pm. Each session will concentrate on an overriding theme of the Key Stage 3 curriculum. Click/tap REGISTER adjacent to the session(s) you wish to attend.

  • 18 May – The structure of the number system
  • 19 May – Operating on number
  • 26 May – Geometry
  • 27 May – Statistics and probability
  • 8 June – Sequences and graphs
  • 9 June – Multiplicative reasoning.

In each of the sessions, the presenters will:

  • explore the unifying core concepts that make up the theme, and consider which elements are critical to recovering learning
  • discuss students’ difficulties and misconceptions and how to address them
  • hear from Mastery Specialists about classroom strategies and approaches they have used
  • consider materials and resources to take participants’ thinking further.

In the second 45-minute section, there will be opportunities for participants, via the Chat function, to ask questions.

These sessions are for teachers, trainees and other maths professionals in England only.

NB: Registering entails providing us with your email address. If you’d like to see how the NCETM’s parent organisation, Tribal, uses and protects such personal information, please read the Privacy Notice.

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