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Books that help maths teaching

Five teachers describe books that have helped in their maths teaching

  • Published: 01/03/2018

A discussion where five teachers describe books—new and old—that have helped in their maths teaching.

Show notes

Taking part in the discussion are:

  • Martyn Yeo (@martynyeouk), primary maths teacher at an infants school in Nuneaton,
  • Ben Gordon (@mathsmrgordon), secondary maths teacher at a school in Blackpool,
  • Craig Barton (@mrbartonmaths) secondary maths teacher at a school in Bolton,
  • Laura Tullock (@mrs_tullock) Deputy head at a primary school in north Tyneside, and also Teaching for Mastery Lead for the Great North Maths Hub,
  • Mary Pardoe (@PardoeMary) Former maths teacher, with 40 years’ experience in maths education,
  • Steve McCormack (@stevejmcc) NCETM Communications Director.

The books mentioned (some only fleetingly) in this podcast are:

Making Numbers, Rose Griffiths, Jenni Back and Sue Gifford

Maths Medicine, Professor Smudge

Making Every Lesson Count, Andy Tharby and Shaun Allison

How I Wish I’d Taught Maths, Craig Barton

Yes, but Why, Ed Southall

When the Adults Change, Everything Changes, Paul Dix

Seven Myths of Education, Daisy Christodoulou

Why Don’t Students Like School, Daniel T. Willingham

Practising Mathematics, ATM

Mathematical Mindsets, Jo Boaler

Memorable Teaching, Peps Mccrea

The Numberverse, Andrew Day

Starting Points, Banwell, Saunders and Tahta

Learning and Doing Mathematics, John Mason

Alex’s Adventures in Numberland, Alex Bellos

The Daily Stoic, Ryan Holiday

Most of these, and many more, were also mentioned on the NCETM Twitter chat (#mathscpdchat) in January 2018. You can read the full record of that discussion here.

Craig Barton also hosts a podcast centred on Maths teaching (in fact, if we’re honest, it provided inspiration for the NCETM podcast!)

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