Core Maths five years on

What does the course offer post-16 students that don’t do Maths A level, and how can schools/colleges offer it?


Core Maths five years on

This interview offers a view from the Merseyside classroom of Jack Ndebu, a new teacher of Core Maths, and his experiences with support offered by the Maths Hub Network and AMSP. His experiences are complemented by a view of the national picture from Rachel Mathieson, who has been researching the successes and challenges of Core Maths in its first five years.

Show notes

Taking part in the conversation are:

Jack Ndebu: Teacher of maths at Rainford High School, Merseyside

Rachel Mathieson: Research Fellow at the School of Education, Leeds University and one of the authors of The early take-up of Core Maths: successes and challenges

Gwen Tresidder: NCETM Communications Manager

Episode chapters

02:31 – Background: Rainford High School and Jack’s teaching experience
04:48 – How is Core Maths different to teaching A level?
06:44 – What I used to do. What I do now.
14:14 – How do students find it?
17:31 – How did you gain the skills needed to teach Core Maths?
22:58 – Effects of Covid-19 on lessons and use of data in lessons
27:34 – Rachel: research findings
32:36 – Required GCSE tier of entry/grade for Core Maths
37:17 – How schools/teachers can make Core Maths successful

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