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Learning in Lockdown Episode 10 - Hisham Alhassan

A secondary teacher talks about how success with KS5 online lessons has allowed his school to delay Y12 students' return

Learning in Lockdown 10 - Hisham Alhassan
  • Published: 14/07/2020

Hisham Alhassan is a secondary maths teacher and Key Stage 5 coordinator at a school in Oxfordshire. In this episode, he discusses the school’s decision not to bring Year 12 students back into the building, some tactics he has deployed for engaging participation during online lessons, and his increased involvement in the maths education CPD community during school closure. Taking on a new role as director of maths in September, he explains how he is planning to approach Covid recovery in a school he doesn’t yet know. 

Show notes

Taking part in the discussion are:

  • Hisham Alhassan: Maths teacher and KS5 coordinator from Wheatley Park School in Oxfordshire
  • Gwen Tresidder: NCETM Communications manager

Useful links

Hisham tweets as @AlhassanMaths. He writes a blog, Adventures in maths teaching, most recently reflecting on online teaching, attending his first maths conference (online) and on being a BAME educator.

During the conversation, Hisham mentioned:

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