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Learning in Lockdown 5 – Nick Edwards

A secondary Director of Maths reflects on how his experience of supporting students through the Grenfell tragedy has informed his current approach to teaching

Learning in Lockdown 5 – Nick Edwards
  • Published: 21/05/2020

Nick Edwards reflects on how his experience of supporting students through the Grenfell tragedy informed his school’s decision to provide regular video lessons for classes during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope that this interview, and others, will generate ideas and allow listeners to reflect on their own practice, remembering that different contexts require different approaches.

Show notes

Taking part in the discussion, recorded on 19 May 2020, are:

  • Nick Edwards: Director of Maths working in a secondary school in West London
  • Gwen Tresidder: NCETM Communications Manager

Episode chapters

  • 00:06 – Introduction, and Nick’s new working week
  • 02:12 – How Nick’s department prepared for remote teaching 
  • 06:06 – Mix of recorded and streamed videos/lessons? 
  • 07:11 – Description of school
  • 08:57 – Level of student engagement 
  • 11:17 – Plans for helping kids who haven’t been engaging  
  • 12:36 – Thoughts about re-opening
  • 13:44 – Has the Grenfell fire experience helped?

Useful links

During the podcast, Nick mentions: Google learning platform (schools can now apply for funding to set up the Google learning platform or the Microsoft equivalent) and Hegarty Maths.

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