Oracy in the maths classroom - Part 2

Exploring the transformative potential of oracy in the maths classroom


Oracy in the maths classroom - Part 2

In Part 2 of our episode on oracy with Kathleen McBride from Voice 21 and Jane Hawkins from the NCETM, we explore the impact of the Maths Hubs’ Research and Innovation Work Groups (RIWGs), strategies for implementing oracy in both primary and secondary education, and the importance of oracy for enhancing student learning and engagement.

A transcript (PDF) of this episode is available to download.

Show notes

Taking part in the discussion:

  • Kathleen McBride, Senior Learning and Innovation Lead, Voice 21
  • Jane Hawkins, Assistant Director for Secondary, NCETM, and Assistant Maths Hub Lead, Jurassic Maths Hub
  • Julia Thomson, Communications Manager, NCETM.

Episode chapters

  • 00:06 Welcome and introductions
  • 00:51 Research and Innovation Work Groups (RIWGs)
  • 02:28 Impact of Oracy RIWGs
  • 04:41 Talk strategies
  • 08:25 What does successful oracy look like?
  • 10:58 The teacher’s role
  • 12:18 Different types of talk
  • 18:35 Oracy in secondary education
  • 22:17 Ideas for teachers
  • 25:44 Misconceptions about oracy
  • 28:52 Resources and further reading
  • 30:31 Conclusion.

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