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Shanghai style lesson observation

How an English primary teacher had his maths lesson observed while in Shanghai

  • Published: 03/01/2018

Show notes:

Taking part in the discussion are:

  • Jonathan Leeming, Mastery Specialist and primary school teacher in Lancaster. Read his account in the NCETM Primary magazine of being observed in Shanghai.
  • Helen Madeley, Mastery Specialist and primary school teacher in Lancaster area, and also part of the leadership team of North North West Maths Hub.
  • Steve McCormack (NCETM Communications Director)

In mid-January, 2018 the second wave of primary teachers from Shanghai arrive in England as part of the ongoing England-China exchange programme. They will spend two weeks teaching maths to primary school classes in Maths Hubs areas across England, including ‘showcase’ lessons where observation seating for up to 100 teachers is organised. Contact your local Maths Hub to find out if there’s a showcase near you in the week beginning Monday 22 January.

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