Glenfall Community Primary School

An interview with Anthony Mitchell, headteacher of Glenfall Community Primary School

This 25 minute interview, with Anthony Mitchell, headteacher of Glenfall Community Primary School, in Cheltenham, covers all the ways in which, from a school management perspective, teaching for mastery has been embedded throughout the school.

If you would like to listen to a specific section only, you can save time by following the links here below:

[NB: if you want to show just one of these sections at a staff meeting or workshop where there isn’t a secure Internet connection, we suggest you download the whole video, then, once downloaded, move the blue time bar along to the section you’re interested in, and press PLAY.]

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If you’d like to join a primary Teaching for Mastery Work Group with your local Maths Hub, you can read about opportunities on our Primary teaching for mastery opportunities page.

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