Sir Robert Woodard Academy

An interview with Kieran Scanlon and Natasha Corrigan, senior leaders from Sir Robert Woodard Academy, Lancing, Sussex

This 30-minute interview features senior leaders from Sir Robert Woodard Academy, Lancing, Sussex. Kieran Scanlon became principal at Sir Robert Woodard Academy in September 2017. Natasha Corrigan became Assistant Principal and Curriculum Director (Maths) at the same time, moving from a high attaining school where teaching for mastery was well-advanced. She began training as a Mastery Specialist for Sussex Maths Hub in spring 2018. Phil Daniell became Curriculum Director (Maths) in May 2018, continuing the changes that Natasha had begun. In these interviews, they explain the importance of how their roles interplay to achieve their vision for maths at the school.

If you would like to listen to a specific section of this interview only, you can use the links below:

If you want to know more about teaching for mastery, there is a wealth of information on our mastery pages. For more details about funded opportunities – the Mastery Specialists programme or the Teaching for Mastery Programme, visit our Mastery Opportunities page. 

[NB: if you want to show just one of these sections at a staff meeting or workshop where there isn’t a secure Internet connection, we suggest you download the whole video, then, once downloaded, move the blue time bar along to the section you’re interested in, and press PLAY.]

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