Composition of numbers: multiples of 10 up to 100

Spine 1: Number, Addition and Subtraction – Topic 1.8

Primary KS1 Year 1
Mastery PD Materials


Explore multiples of ten, including counting in tens to 100; apply number facts within ten to addition and subtraction for multiples of ten. 

Teaching points

  • Teaching point 1: One ten is equivalent to ten ones.
  • Teaching point 2: Multiples of ten can be represented using their names or using numerals. We can count in multiples of ten.
  • Teaching point 3: Knowledge of the 0–10 number line can be used to estimate the position of multiples of ten on a 0–100 number line.
  • Teaching point 4: Adding ten to a multiple of ten gives the next multiple of ten; subtracting ten from a multiple of ten gives the previous multiple of ten.
  • Teaching point 5: Known facts for the numbers within ten can be used to add and subtract in multiples of ten by unitising.