Number, Addition and Subtraction

Spine 1 of the Primary Mastery Professional Development Materials

Number, Addition and Subtraction


The Number, Addition and Subtraction spine is divided into 31 segments. For each of these segments we have produced a detailed teacher guide, including text and images.

The images are also presented as animated PowerPoint slides, which further enhance teacher knowledge and can be used in the classroom (for best results, please view these in ‘Slideshow’ view; for some slides, supporting notes are provided in the ‘Notes’ section).

These materials are not, in any way, lesson plans, but they can be used in conjunction with a high-quality mastery textbook to support planning.

For some segments, there’s also an introductory video summing up what each segment covers.

The following PDF offers an overview of the complete Number, Addition and Subtraction spine, including a synopsis of each segment.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


The NCETM and Maths Hubs would like to thank the following for their contribution to the materials:

  • Primary mathematics specialists: Martin Adsett, Joanna Caisová, Adrian Cannell, Clare Christie, Suzanne Coxon, Katie Crozier, Jonathan East, Claire Gerrard, Rebeka Goh, Rebecca Holland, Alison Hopper, Elizabeth Lambert, Viv Lloyd, Debbie Morgan, Sally O'Brien, Emma Patman, Cat Stone, Valda Varadinek-Skelton, Debbie Weible, Andrew Whitehead
  • Educational consultant: Dr Alf Coles, University of Bristol
  • Editorial and production: Liam Benson, Design and Define; Nicholas Bromley; Rachel Houghton; Jalita Jacobsen; David Mantovani; Emily Marchant; Sam Radford; Cheryl Stirr; Yvette Sturdy, DiGiV8 Ltd; Andrew Young
  • Illustrations: Steve Evans; Alphablocks Ltd (1.1 Comparison of quantities and measures, step 2:2, image 1; 1.3 Composition of numbers: 0–5, step 1:1, image 1; 1.4 Composition of numbers: 6–10, step 1:1, image 1)