1.4 Simplifying and manipulating expressions, equations and formulae

Core concept 1.4 concerns the generalisation of number structures, the use of algebraic symbols, and techniques for their manipulation. The rearranging of formulae is also explored.

Secondary KS3
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1.4 Simplifying and manipulating expressions, equations and formulae

The first document below breaks the entire core concept down into smaller ‘key ideas’, and also identifies the prior learning from KS2 necessary for students to make progress within this KS3 area of maths.

Underneath are resources and videos from several other areas of the NCETM website. Some include materials for use in the classroom. Others are solely for professional development purposes, either alone or with colleagues. And right at the bottom is a subject knowledge audit you can download to assess your own knowledge of this core concept.

The video below is related to the teaching of this core concept. If you wish to download the video, you can do so from the Vimeo showcase


Check your subject knowledge

If you are new to teaching maths, or would just like to brush up on some areas of the KS3 curriculum, this will help you check your knowledge in this core concept area.