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Summer holiday reading 2019

A round-up of our recent features, which might stimulate your thinking for September

Summer holiday reading 2019
  • Published: 26/07/2019

Move on immediately if you’ve put away your work brain for the summer. You’ve certainly earned the right to do just that! But if you have the appetite for a bit of school or maths-related reading during the holiday, here are some suggestions from everything we’ve published during the 2018/19 school year.

  • Thinking about getting your pupils involved in maths competitions next year? Plenty of primary and secondary suggestions.
  • Think your secondary maths classes are too important to use ‘children’s playthings.’ This video might make you think again. And here’s the background to the video.
  • A great story of how a primary head and a maths lead led the transformation of maths teaching. Just one of our podcasts featuring teachers working with Maths Hubs.
  • The perfect combination, of secondary headteacher, head of maths and expert teacher, moving maths forward in a previously low-achieving school via teaching for mastery, in this video.
  • This analysis of a couple of this year’s SATs questions might prompts some thoughts for the autumn term.
  • Bar models to get variation into secondary school maths teaching. One teacher explains how she does it.
  • This podcast, with two secondary school maths teachers, tell a story of how maths in Years 7 and 8 is changing, as part of the Maths Hubs programme. Or watch the same teachers tell the same story..
  • Our most clicked-on feature about classroom practice last year, Teaching telling the time: a non-standard approach.
  • Thinking about maths in Reception or Year 1 next year? Our materials to go alongside CBeebies' Numberblocks programmes might give you ideas, and be used in lessons.
  • There’s still time for primary schools to join local, funded teaching for mastery CPD groups from September with Maths Hubs in most parts of England.
  • Does your secondary school maths department want to get some free guidance on introducing teaching for mastery from September, with a Mastery Specialist from your local Maths Hub?
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