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Funded opportunities in teaching for mastery for secondary school maths departments

Two options for schools to strengthen maths teaching in KS3 over the next two years and beyond

Funded opportunities in teaching for mastery for secondary school maths departments
  • Published: 23/04/2021

All Maths Hubs are now offering opportunities for teachers from secondary school maths departments to join funded professional development projects linked to teaching for mastery. These opportunities will start in the 2021 autumn term. There are two channels to choose from:

Mastery Specialist route

A teacher from the maths department joins a two-year Secondary Mastery Specialist programme, run by the NCETM with support from Maths Hubs. The first year concentrates on the teacher’s own development. In the second year, the focus is on the teacher leading change within their school’s maths department, and acquiring status as an accredited NCETM PD Lead. From the third year on, the Mastery Specialist spends time supporting schools choosing the second option, below. Find out about this opportunity to become a Mastery Specialist and apply. The application deadline is 28 May 2021.

Local Work Group route

A pair of teachers from the maths department become ‘Mastery Advocates’ by joining a local Maths Hub Teaching for Mastery Development Work Group. The Work Group consists of pairs of teachers from a small number of schools, and in the first year is led by an established Mastery Specialist. In the second year the Work Group is enlarged to comprise up to six schools in the Maths Hub’s area, with lighter-touch leadership from a Mastery Specialist. Find out more about joining a Work Group and apply. Application deadlines vary between Maths Hubs.

Both options, over time, will lead to the school’s maths department developing and deepening its approaches along the lines of teaching for mastery. This approach aims to strengthen KS3 students’ understanding of maths, giving them firm foundations for advancing to GCSE and beyond.

Funding to support teacher release time is available for both options. There is no charge for the training and professional/departmental development received.

Explore Maths Hubs opportunities for 2021/22

There are 30 Maths Hubs professional development projects available. Find out what's on offer and get involved.

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