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Online support for parents and teachers during school closures

Find out about online support for parents and teachers being offered by the NCETM during school closures

Online support for parents and teachers during school closures
  • Published: 20/04/2020

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The summer term has now started for most schools, but with school closures still in place, learning from home and online teaching are now becoming the norm.

We have added two new areas to our website designed to support teachers and parents/carers of primary and secondary school children throughout the period of school closures. All the resources are free to access and do not require a login.

Support for teachers

Our page of support for teachers now includes our first batch of primary lesson videos. These short videos are intended to provide primary school pupils with interactive lessons while they are at home. Most lessons are 15 to 20 minutes long, each ending with suggested follow-up tasks. All lessons exemplify a teaching for mastery approach to maths. The current plan is for three new batches of five lessons each to be added here every week..

Support for parents/carers

Our parent support landing page allows parents to watch a short introductory video, then to access support in the form of learning games and activities, videos, and Facebook Groups.

Learning activities and games

Our pages of learning activities and games are organised into primary activities and secondary activities. These lists of resources detail a wide variety of online organisations offering daily maths lessons, videos and activities, and one-offs and games. We also give detailed explanation of how parents can make the most of each of them. We are adding to these lists regularly.

Video tips

We've also got a page of video tips offering a variety of short videos made by NCETM staff. They provide ideas for activities and games that parents can do with their children in addition to, and to complement, any work provided by school. Again, we will be adding to this page in the future.

Facebook Groups

We have created two Facebook Groups: Primary maths – teachers supporting parents and Secondary maths – teachers supporting parents. These groups are for parents/carers and teachers across the country to join. The purpose of the groups is for parents to pose questions about the maths their children are learning, and for teachers to provide easy to understand, straightforward answers.

We will be adding resources, videos and other information about online CPD and support over time. Please check back in the future to see what else we can offer teachers.

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