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Early maths concepts: doubles

Exploring the foundations of doubles in Reception and KS1

Early maths concepts: doubles
  • Published: 27/03/2024

In this episode of the podcast, Rebecca and Sue explore the foundations of doubles in Reception and discuss how this concept is built on in KS1 and beyond. Having both been teachers in Early Years or KS1, they reflect on their own experiences and share practical tips for the classroom.

A transcript (PDF) of this episode is available to download.

Show notes

Taking part in the discussion:

  • Sue Evans, NCETM Assistant Director for Primary, and former primary teacher
  • Rebecca Fisher, NCETM Communications Manager, and former Early Years teacher.

Episode chapters

  • 00:06 Introduction and welcome
  • 01:28 What’s so important about doubles?
  • 04:03 What experiences do children need at the early stages?
  • 08:32 Exploring representations in Reception
  • 14:56 Doubles in continuous provision
  • 19:10 What does this look like in KS1?
  • 27:01 How your local Maths Hub can help, and final thoughts.

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