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Learning in Lockdown 8 – Melissa Molnar

A Year 1 teacher talks about leading maths across her school and the wider school partnership

Learning in Lockdown 8 – Melissa Molnar
  • Published: 24/06/2020

Melissa Molnar is a Canadian teacher who moved to London for experience and never quite left! She teaches Year 1 (though is currently in an EYFS bubble) and leads maths across her school and the larger school partnership. Melissa talks about her thinking behind planning the partnership’s home learning curriculum, the recovery curriculum and about her involvement in creating the NCETM Primary Video Lessons, and how she has used them since.

We hope that this interview, with others in the series, will generate ideas and allow listeners to reflect on what works best for their own situations.

Show notes

Taking part in the discussion, recorded on 22 June 2020, are:

  • Melissa Molnar, Y1 teacher and Maths Lead in Greenwich, London.
  • Gwen Tresidder, NCETM Communications Manager

Episode chapters

  • 00:06 – How home learning started
  • 05:06 – Melissa’s working week
  • 07:08 – Comparing what children do at home and at school
  • 08:08 – Looking towards September
  • 08:38 – Creating video lessons for NCETM
  • 12:38 – Is teaching via video more difficult?
  • 15:26 – Collaborative planning online

Useful links

Melissa tweets as @WoodhillMaths.

During the interview, Melissa mentions:



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