Starting out with a new maths class

Three experienced secondary teachers give tips on how to get off on the right foot with a new maths class at the start of a new year


Starting out with a new maths class

The first few lessons with a new class can be the most important. If rules, routines and relationships are established clearly, there's a good chance the year will go smoothly. In this podcast, teachers from three different secondary schools discuss what's worked well for them in the past.

Show notes

Taking part in the discussion are:

  • Adam Creen, head of post-16 maths at Salesian College in Surrey
  • Dawn Denyer, Assistant Head,  St Wilfrid's Catholic School, Crawley, West Sussex
  • Mel Muldowney, maths teacher at North Bromsgrove High School in Worcestershire
  • Steve McCormack, NCETM Communications Director

Useful links

The free website mentioned by Adam, created by Simon Singh, can be found at parallel.org.uk.

You may also be interested in our feature with suggestions of resources and CPD opportunities that may be worth considering at the start of a new school year.