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What mastery has done for our school

Jenny Laurie, deputy head and maths teacher at a central London secondary school, talks about being one of the very earliest to adopt a teaching for mastery approach in maths

What mastery has done for our school
  • Published: 27/11/2019

Jenny Laurie is a deputy head and maths teacher at The St Marylebone CE School in central London. The school was one of the very earliest to adopt a teaching for mastery approach in maths.

When two maths teachers visited Shanghai, they were particularly struck by the collaborative nature of curriculum planning there, and resolved to introduce a more collegiate way of planning at St Marylebone.

Initially something of a sceptic, Jenny explains why she has been completely won over by the changes they have made, and what she hopes this might mean for their GCSE results in 2020.

No time to listen to a podcast? In this short read, Jenny writes about Why mastery makes us optimistic about our next GCSE results.

Show notes

Taking part in the discussion are:

  • Jenny Laurie, deputy head,┬áThe St Marylebone CE School
  • Gwen Tresidder, Communications Manager, NCETM
00:52 The school and Jenny’s role
02:55 Why the school changed the way they taught maths
04:24 How the maths department used to work
05:05 How they decided to change
08:41 The first collaborative planning meeting (on fractions)
11:31 Deciding on a system of planning meetings
12:40 - How is time for these meetings created now?
14:44 How collaborative planning saves time
15:17 How the planning sessions work
16:51 Retention and development of staff
17:42 Jenny’s development as a class teacher
19:55 Sending one teacher out of school for CPD
20:53 Not scripted lessons
21:36 When a planned lesson doesn’t work
22:58 The effects on students (engagement, results…)
25:34 What the data is showing about attainment of all students
26:55 Enabling staff to be excellent teachers
28:00 Other departments’ interest in collaborative planning
30:01 Jenny’s advice to other schools’ senior leaders

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