Shaping the Year 7 curriculum: building on Year 6

Ready-to-use training materials, ideal for use in planning effective curriculum transition from primary

Secondary KS3
Shaping the Year 7 curriculum: building on Year 6

The materials below are designed to help you run a session to help KS3 teachers and maths departments start to understand the implications for Year 7 of the guidance produced by the DfE in July 2020 called Teaching mathematics in primary schools.

The PowerPoint file below includes slides for use in the session. It also includes ideas for preparation and follow-up work, and links to all the necessary materials. The 'Introduction' Word document summarises the DfE guidance itself, and the other Word documents are for use in the session and after, each one focusing on a key mathematical idea contained in the guidance.

Concentrating on key mathematical ideas will be important for pupils whose learning during Year 6 was disrupted or incomplete.