Support for secondary teachers

Teaching and curriculum guidance for secondary teachers, including resources addressing the effects of the ongoing pandemic

Support for secondary teachers

Resources are now available and in development to support secondary teachers planning lessons to meet the needs of students with varied starting points as a result of interruptions to learning caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Sample Curriculum Framework

This Sample Curriculum Framework is an example of a way to organise and sequence learning in a coherent way across Key Stage 3. It has been designed to support departments as they plan and prioritise teaching.

Example lessons for remote teaching

The Department for Education has published a series of lesson plans shared by schools to help teachers adapt their practice for remote education following the outbreak of coronavirus. The KS3 maths lesson was produced in collaboration with the NCETM.

Post-16 resources

The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) has developed six support packages, each tailored to a different area of the curriculum across Years 10-13. They can be found on the AMSP's dedicated Education Recovery webpage.

The AMSP has also designed a set of study modules to ease the transition to A level maths for students starting in Year 12, who will have missed a big chunk of Year 11 teaching. Students can also sign up for a free Integral account to access specific resources to brush up their core GCSE skills in preparation for A level or Core Maths. Learn more in the AMSP’s development plans.

STEM Learning

STEM Learning has a selection of maths recovery resources for secondary teachers. And science is covered as well.

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