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Planning to teach secondary maths

Videos and resources for teaching Key Stage 3 maths topics

Planning to teach secondary maths

Recorded by experienced teachers, these videos offer advice and ideas for colleagues, especially less experienced colleagues such as NQTs, or non-maths specialists, and TAs/tutors teaching small groups.

Particularly useful for Covid recovery, they cover key learning points, assessing prerequisite knowledge, key questions, language, representations and common misconceptions and pitfalls. They also include lesson ideas and activities for students.

Each video is accompanied by a supporting document of notes, explanations and further resources, and the PowerPoint slides used in the video. These resources are below the video playlist and can be downloaded as zip files.

Further videos will be added to this page later this year.

The video below is the first in a playlist. Click on the dropdown option below to view the other available videos. If you wish to download any of the videos, you can do so from the Vimeo showcase


Thank you to the following Secondary Mastery Specialists for their work in producing these videos: Rob Clasper, Kathryn Darwin, Jane Hawkins, Yuvraj Nirwal, Beth Stivey, Darren White.

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