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NCETM Newsletter - January 2019

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2019

NCETM Newsletter - January 2019
  • Published: 18/01/2019

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2019, where you can find out how your school can join a Teaching for Mastery Work Group for 2019/20.

Also this month:

Primary Teaching for Mastery Work Groups now recruiting for 2019/20

Places are now available for primary schools on the funded Teaching for Mastery Programme, run by Maths Hubs across England. This year, we are looking to recruit another 3,000 schools, with each Maths Hub working with at least 100 schools. Teachers taking part in the programme will develop the skills and knowledge to deliver teaching for mastery in their classrooms, and sow seeds for whole school change.

More information and how to apply

NCETM Director urges all post-16 providers to offer Core Maths

A new blog post from the NCETM’s Director, Charlie Stripp, backed up by a case study from a school in Yorkshire, argues the case for more schools and colleges to teach Core Maths, the qualification first examined in 2016, and now steadily gaining popularity across England.

Maths Hubs teaching for mastery work in secondary schools: new video

Teachers from five secondary schools working on teaching for mastery feature in a new NCETM video summarising how Maths Hubs are currently supporting 500 secondary schools to introduce mastery approaches in their maths teaching. The work is spearheaded by a growing number of Secondary Mastery Specialists, trained as part of a national Maths Hubs project, and now supporting neighbouring schools along the same path.

New email round-up launched for primary and Early Years teachers

We have just launched the Primary and Early Years Round-up. If you are signed up to receive our mailings, you will have probably spotted that your latest email from us has a new look and feel. Previously called the Primary Magazine, the Round-up brings you some of the best content from our website and across the world of primary and Early Years maths teaching.

It has a fresh new look and some great features and articles to help you in your classroom. We think you’ll like it. It'll highlight things to discuss in the staffroom, use in the classroom, and even ponder on your journey home.

NCETM/AMSP Level 3 Case Studies: are you interested in taking part?

The NCETM and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP) are looking to create case studies showing increased participation in post-GCSE (Level 3) maths. We’re looking for schools and colleges across England that have been successful with their recruitment to Level 3 courses (AS, A level, Further Maths and Core Maths). We want to share your success with your colleagues around the country. If you’re interested in taking part, please register your interest via this survey.

Observing lessons as part of the England-China exchange programme: new podcasts and videos

How does maths teaching in Shanghai schools look and feel to experienced observing teachers from England? Primary and secondary teachers, who visited Shanghai during the school year 2018/19 as part of the Maths Hubs Programme, give their impressions in two new podcasts.

Also, during the 2017/18 England–China exchange, two teachers from Shanghai, spent a fortnight teaching maths at a primary school in London.

A collection of new videos show examples of two lessons, one in Year 5 and another in Year 2. The videos show the lessons being taught, as well as the exchange teachers explaining their lesson structures, and answering questions from local teachers who observed the lessons.

The Mastery Readiness Programme

Is your school interested in taking the first steps towards mastery in maths, but perhaps not yet ready to commit fully? The Mastery Readiness Programme exists for schools that would benefit from a staged approach to adopting teaching for mastery. It’s a funded programme, born from local observations that schools are most successful in implementing sustained and meaningful change through teaching for mastery when certain foundations are already in place.

Find out more and download a flyer

Latest news from the Maths Hubs Programme

We’ve just published the latest issue of Bespoke, which brings up-to-date news from the Maths Hubs Programme. This issue previews professional development materials for Key Stage 3 maths teachers, which will be available in the 2019 summer term, as well as a new podcast about being in a Work Group, and a summary of the opportunities available throughout the 2018/19 school year through collaboration between Maths Hubs and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP).

In brief

  • The NSPCC’s Number Day 2019 takes place on 1 February – a maths-inspired fundraising day. They’re offering digital activities to use in class, maths activities for children of all ages, and more. Registration is now open.
  • A set of prototype games to support young children’s learning of maths through multisensory digital experiences (in particular: Cartesian coordinates, angles, properties of 3D Shapes) has been developed by the weDRAW project. They’re holding an open event in London on 25 January, aimed at primary school maths teachers (including teachers of children with visual impairments). To attend, please email Temitayo Olugbade by 23 January.

Please do contact us if you have any comments on this newsletter.

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